"They Say You’d Rather Keep Buying Dreams –  I Say, You CAN Handle the Truth and EARN Your DREAM!"


How sick are you of pie in the sky hyped up sales letters that tell you how EASY and FAST you can make money online as your own boss?

If you’re still searching for that magic bullet where you download a $97 report, fall asleep, and wake up the next morning with six or seven figures in your bank account, you’re not ready!

In fact, most people selling those dreams have been in a heated debate with me lately because they say you’re part of a herd – they say you’re sheep, always seeking the next best thing and that once you find out that being an online entrepreneur is actually work, you’ll quit.

My opinion?

I’d much rather you find out early on in the game and quit than spin your wheels frustrated because you’re not seeing that same magic success others claim, losing hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars while trying.

There’s no money fairy, people!

Yes, anyone can make money online. But the thing most people aren’t getting is that you may not like what this career holds in store for you.

While there are many perks of being your own boss, there are some drawbacks, too! And for some, it might be too much to handle. That’s a reality.

Right now, you’re playing their game. You’re buying products to teach you Internet marketing from people who ONLY show you their success and want you to believe it’s effortless.

It’s a bold faced lie.

That success took time to build. There were days when they felt like giving up. There were people who didn’t believe in them. Mistakes were made. Money was lost.

But you know what? They persevered and learned how to actually turn a profit and they build on that. But since they once bought into a dream themselves, they think they have to turn right around and sell it to you, and that’s where I think they’re wrong.

I also think it’s why the phrase, “work at home” has such a shady reputation.

Work at home isn’t a scam. I’m living proof. Am I a multi-millionaire? Nope. Never claimed to be. But I took in six figures last year, how about that? And every year my income increases by $20,000 to $30,000.

I’d like to see you ask your boss for a $20,000 raise this year. He’d probably laugh you right out of the office!

My Goal Is to Get You Thinking Strategically & Realistically: 

Hi Tiff,

After reading Ebook Empire and your latest Work at Home Truths book, you helped me decide not to go online yet. I realize I'll need 3 months of long days focused on it before I jump in. Why? 

It takes A DAY just to do key words for one book site . . . Not to mention learning how to do it! THEN, all the other learning and doing such as site building, handling FTP and PDF and a bunch of other capital letters!

I wrote a book, put it on eBay and sold 12 hard copies (off my copier) and was really excited. I'm STILL excited that someone would pay $19.95 for anything I wrote . . . That's keeping me focused on the goal of writing 30 ebooks in a year, but starting in 6 months to a year from now - not now . . .

I need to get (financially) to a place where I can just totally focus for 90 days on learning how to do and promote ebook sites. My personality won't allow me to "learn a little each week." I either "burn the thing like a laser beam" or leave it alone.

Thanks for the help, you're a breath of fresh air on an internet where it can be hard to breath at times!

- Scott Linden

Okay, so enough back story – what’s this report all about?

I have a goal in mind – teach people how to build an online business with one bite-sized lesson at a time. Initially, I thought, “I’ll start by teaching them what Internet Marketing is!”

But back up a minute… It dawned on me that this wasn’t step 1. Step 1 was to pull back the curtain on what it’s like to work at home and be your own boss.

If you can stomach that, THEN you can move on to the next step.

I’m willing to bet about 50% or more of you drop out of the game after you read what I reveal to you in Work at Home Truths.

You won’t like what you hear because it’s not all flowery and dreamy. It’s raw and real and it might hurt to hear the truth. There are warts in this business, but if you don’t know about them, you’re going to be sorely disappointed when you leap without thinking and find out you wish you’d kept your day job!

I’m not here to sway you against being an online entrepreneur, but I do want to weed out the dreamers from the doers. I want to embrace those of you who aren’t scared of hard work and help you build that business.

I want those of you who spend hundreds of dollars on hype to STOP and think with a clear head before you invest in a high dollar Internet course.

I want you to be a bit cynical, but with an open mind that allows you to choose what messages you buy into.

In Work at Home Truths, I show you:

The real pros and cons of working from home…and not one of them involves waking up to a mountain of money!


How to talk to your family and friends about this career change…it's important to have a support system in place!

What you’ll need to get started as an online entrepreneur…(Hint: it isn't a $2,000 info product or a $9,000 course teaching you how to build a website)!

How to spot a scam and steer clear of those dream sellers…(they're everywhere and they're wolves in sheep's clothing, so you have to get street smart NOW)!


How to develop the right mindset for this career – you’d better fortify yourself against self doubt and fear because it's the one thing that can be your downfall…

How to set up your home work environment for success…


What you need to do from the minute you decide to take the plunge and become an Internet marketer.

There’s a reason Internet Marketers have that snake oil salesman reputation…

It’s our fault as successful work at home entrepreneurs for not taking responsibility in what we teach. Could I have put together a work at home eBook that tells you how much you can earn and how fast – talking you into buying another eBook I recommend?


I could, but I won’t. And everyone says I’ll go broke unless I sell the dream.

But for me, I’d much rather see just a handful of people who have it in them to succeed move on than see thousands of misguided men and women endure the heartache of failure because some shady marketer wasn’t shooting straight with them.

So if you think you’re game, download Work at Home Truths for just $19. Gut check yourself and visualize those drawbacks and perks and see if it’s something you’d truly enjoy and embrace.

If you would, there’s no end to the amount of success you can see on the ‘net.

Oh, and in the back of the eBook, you’re going to get information on how you can contact me to hold your hand through all of this. As you’ll find, not many marketers want that personal connection with you (probably because they know what they’re selling is a bunch of easy fixes that won’t actually work).

Find Out the Truth!

Work at Home Truths